Samrya Group, a Qatari conglomerate established in 1978, has successfully established itself as one of the most lucrative real estate investment and property development companies in Qatar. 

Starting out from humble beginnings as a real estate company, buying and selling land, Samrya Group has evolved to become a specialized developer focused on the development of select industries such as contracting, property development, hospitality services and others.

A pioneer in building turn-key real estate communities, Samrya Group’s ability to understand the varying trends within the Qatari property market has allowed the company to achieve high investment returns through various ventures within Qatar. The company is head by Ali AlKhayarin, as Chairman; with his sons on the Board of Directions – Sultan Ali AlKhayarin, Group CEO; Abdulhadi Ali AlKhayarin, Group COO; Mohamed Ali AlKhayarin, Board Director. Driven by the Board’s passion for luxury elegance and beauty, merged with punctuality, precision and quality; Samrya Trading & Contracting (Samrya Properties) was established to ensure the company’s developments embedded both concepts with excellence and attention to detail in every corner – from the moment of conception to project launching.

To ensure quality and excellence within a corporate governance, Samrya Group was established with the role to ensure the translation of the company’s vision and expand Samrya’s operation outside of Qatar. With future projects soon to be launched, Samrya Hospitality was also established to fully manage, operate and oversee the developments within Samrya Group in every hospitality aspect essential for the project.



To redefine the perception of luxury as an overall elevated customer experience within all Samrya Group’s services; pioneering in diverse business concepts through well designed, sustainable and innovative concepts, with strategic global partnerships and ventures in Qatar and the region.






Our commitment is to deliver luxury, value and quality excellence, by continuously striving to transform our passion into reality within each of our developments; though creative innovation, industry knowledge and expertise.